Want to Generate the Right Internet Marketing Strategy?


Many people that aren’t very experienced with computers or with the internet have created
successful online businesses. The following information will help you understand how you
too can get started with Internet marketing and be a success.

One very easy thing to do that is often overlooked is to make sure that every signature you
have on the Internet has a link to your website’s URL. If you post on forums, your website’s
URL should be in your signature. Also, put your business link in your outgoing e-mail
signature, regardless if they are business-related or not. This is one way to spread the news
about your website without overwhelming your contacts. Your e-mails are like your
business cards on the internet. You should make sure they are spread as far as possible.
When you send e-mails, the person receiving them can see your position and the business
you work for and can actually be a great way to market your business. One tip on this is that
you should place a captivating line above your website link, which will encourage them to
click your link. A little mystery or a question is always good – like “Want to know how to get
your customers to opt-in to your site?”  One thing though – make sure that your captivating
line relates to your website.  This is not hard – just get creative and you will come up with
something great.

You need to have a clear idea of who your audience is.  Put yourself in their shoes and try
and figure out what they would be looking for.  Once you have that sorted out, you will
know what type of content would be suitable for them to get them interested.  From there
you should construct your website and advertising to relate to this audience.  There are a
few other things that you can do as well, which are triggers with everyone. Use of certain
words is very effective for getting people to your website or for getting them to take
advantage of what you are offering.  “Limited” is just such a strong keyword to include.
People shop online because they are tired of what their local stores have to offer, or they
are looking for a deal, or it is just more convenient for them. They want something
different and unique. Customers will feel that “limited edition” products are special, and
will be more likely to buy them.

Also you need to use emotional descriptions within your advertisements and your
website. This gets people more involved and will help you to connect with others more
strongly.  Some key words that you can use for this include “relief”, “guaranteed” and

One thing that you should do in every advertising or marketing action is that you should
always test how effective your marketing is and to see what resonates with customers.
Using an A/B test is a popular method to use. After coming up with an email campaign,
modify one detail in the email – but only one. These could include two different sets of
subject lines, intro paragraphs, or calls to action. Then send the different emails to a
random group of your customers, making sure to send them to the same number of
people, and see which one is more successful. Whichever is the most successful, use it
for the remainder of your email campaign.  This will improve your overall results. If you
do this for every campaign that you start – you will soon have your most effective ads or
emails – and then you can really ramp up the advertising with those ads or emails and
watch your results go out the roof.

The above things are key to put in to place for any internet marketing.  There are a few
other tips I can give you that will further enhance your internet marketing activities.
I list these ideas below.

First off, and this applies to all your activities online – is just be yourself.  Let your
personality shine through in all that you do.  Don’t be afraid that people won’t like you,
or will think that you are strange.  With all the people on the internet – there will
ALWAYS be an audience for whatever you do or are in to.  Besides, being yourself makes
this whole advertising thing easy because you do not have to figure out what others may
want to see or hear – you just “let ‘er go” and be yourself and everything works out great.

Other things that you can do – as appropriate to your customers are:

Run creative competitions and offer prizes. Have your customers find hidden words in
your article. Give them a free item for doing so. If your customers like you and your site,
they are more likely to buy something from you.

Add a personal touch to your campaign. Post your real picture and name on your website.
You could also have a handwritten statement to welcome your visitors. Video tape
yourself in a welcome video or use an audio recording to welcome them.  This makes
you much more real to the people who visit your website and will increase your opt-ins
and sales.

Try to make the banner ads you design look unique and unlike normal banner ads. Work
on improving the appearance of your banner ads, and visitors will be more enthusiastic
about clicking on them.

Keep an eye on your competition.  This is an important part of internet marketing. You
will always encounter competitors regardless of your area of concentration.  Don’t be
intimidated by this, just know that it is going to occur. There are a couple things you can
do to try and stay ahead of the game. You can re-price your items often to stay
competitive with others in the same niche. Consider setting up your own Internet store
as a means to allow customers to find all your products in one place.

Capitalize on the mobile marketing revolution. Text notifications are a great way to let
your visitors know there is a promotion on or when you have made put up a new post.
It seems that literally everyone is using text messages, so work out making this part of
your advertising system.

One last word of advice – If you get disheartened with internet marketing, do not throw
in the towel. You may be closer than you think to becoming a successful internet
marketer when you make the choice to give up. Internet marketing can require a lot of
effort, and you will most likely not get the instant results that you dream of.  However
the potential for great success on the internet is VERY real.  There are MILLIONS of
people who use the internet daily – and they are your potential customers. Work hard,
be consistent and it’ll pay off in the end. Just know that mastering your field will take
time, and don’t get discouraged.

Take each item above and apply them one by one and you will be well on your way to
being the next super star in the internet marketing world.




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Consider These Ideas To Get Started With Internet Marketing.

So, you want to do some internet marketing.  Good idea!!
Internet marketing is an essential tool for all kinds of people
and businesses to get their products sold.  By means of online
advertising, SEO techniques and other tools, people use Internet
marketing to bring more attention to their products. If you are
serious about launching your own internet marketing campaign,
well…Read on!

Let’s be real here.  If you do not have one already, you are going to
need some money to buy a quality domain. You very possibly will
not get the domain name that matches your company name, but you
probably can get one that’s close – or that at least relates to what your
business is all about.  Get your domain and get your site set up and
proceed to implement the things below on your site.

To turn your visitors into customers, give them an easy content
page that will show them how good the product is, and what it will
do for them – a simple video works great. This will inform potential
customers and increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase.
If you do this, they will know that educating them is more important
to you than selling to them.

A positive message about the benefits of your product is essential
for successful sales.  Always emphasize the benefits that your product
will provide to your visitors. Point out what they can achieve when they
buy your product or service.

You should also add a section where customers can post comments about
the products or the service that they bought from you.  People like to
research what other customers are saying about your products or services
that they are thinking of purchasing.  This will make them trust your company
a bit more and get you more sales. If you are positive and encouraging,
it will encourage your visitors to go ahead and get your product.

Words like “guaranteed” always generate a positive response from
readers. Even though some guarantees aren’t worth the paper or
pixels they are printed on, people want to be assured that they
aren’t throwing away their money when they buy something. Customers
value their hard-earned cash highly, and when they see a guarantee,
they believe their chances of wasting their money are lower.  So… make
your guarantee real – but totally solid and very easy to take advantage
of.  You may think this will cost you money – but the opposite is actually
true – it will make you a lot more money in the  long run.

A small company that is internet based definitely needs a logo and slogan.
Branding is accomplished more easily when these items are present. A
catchy slogan might be remembered months or years later. When someone
who saw your business before needs something you sell, your slogan
might make them remember your business before all others.

Offer ad space on your website for credible companies to advertise
and boost your standing. If your name is next to a big name, a user
is likely to assume that you are trustworthy. Your site will become
another resource, rather than just a business listing.

Customize your site for worldwide access. This means that these
different versions need to be in various languages. This is a
proven technique for drawing in more global customers. Customers
who can read your website in their own language are more likely
to make a purchase from the site.

You might find it beneficial to offer your customers an annual
subscription for the products or services you offer. You could
entice them by offering a discount for agreeing to receive a
product delivery each month.

Connect to other articles you have created by linking to them
in your article. The longer people stay on your website, the more
likely they are to buy something, so make sure interesting, older
content is easy to find. By using these internal links you can keep
those visitors reading, and will give you a greater opportunity to
get hits from the search engines.

Internet marketing is is a constantly changing scene, so be ready for
changes that come up.  You just have to really stay in touch with what is
happening and adapt – as about the only stable truth about the internet
is that it is going to change.  This is nothing to be afraid of or overwhelmed
by – just stay in touch via blogs and forums with what is happening and you
won’t be left in the dark.

There you have it – some good advice on what you need to do to get
going with internet marketing.  There is quite a bit of work involved in
getting all these things implemented.  Just take one and get it done, then
take the next one and get it done – one step at a time.  You will soon have
your internet marketing clicking along,  sales being made and things
will start taking off.


Internet Marketing and Being a Salesman.

Hello Blog Reader,

Thought I would just roll into some good stuff here.  This is important and I feel it is
not understood by far too many people – so without more blab – here we go.

If you are involved in Internet Marketing, then you have to understand one thing.

Whether you like it or not, you are a salesman.

Maybe you think you are a “marketer” or a “networker” or even a “social bookmarking professional” , but the bottom line is, network marketing in all it’s forms is one way or another sales!!

Maybe you don’t believe that, maybe you hate selling – but it doesn’t matter, because – and I will say it again – If you are involved in Internet Marketing, then you are a SALESMAN- that’s a FACT.

I’m not sure what your idea of a salesman is.  Maybe when you think of a salesman you think of a guy with slicked back hair, a greasy gleaming smile, who can, with clean heart and sound mind, arm twist an 80 year old grandma.  He can convince her that she just “must have”  that 1200 CC motorcycle because “it will do so much for her hairdo”  Then once the sale is done, he rapidly gets the motorcycle delivered, tells his staff he is not available and disappears.  Then when the grandmas 330 pound football playing grandson comes around to get the sale reversed, your costumer service staff  glibly tells him that they sure are sorry, but you are not available, and besides the “30 minute money back guarantee has expired”  so there is really nothing that they can do.

If that is your idea of what a salesman is, then I can understand why you’d never want to be one.  I mean who wants to go through life always looking over their shoulder wondering when one of those bad sales is going to catch up with you and rearrange your face?  Not MY idea of the “good life” – and I am sure it’s not yours.

So if you are doing internet marketing, and thus you are a salesman, it would be good to have an understanding of what that really means – right?  Well,  let’s take a look at this.

To get this thing started you must have some service or article (eBook, info product, course, etc) that you are trying to get someone to buy or use – right?  I will assume that this product is valuable – in other words – it does do what it is supposed to so. It works, or it gives the knowledge it is supposed to so someone else can make something work.

OK, so you have this service or article, and you have told other people about it – maybe even told them a LOT.  And this article REALLY WOULD help people do better at what they are doing, or would make them money if they bought it – SOOOOO – why aren’t people beating down your door or flooding your website with orders??

Well, bottom line is just plain fear.  They have been screwed before, or they don’t want to part with their hard earned money, or they are not convinced it is right for them, or that it will work for them.  There could be any number of reasons why they would not buy your product – even though it really would help them – and this is where you as a salesman have to step in.

So what is a salesman?   What are you trying to do as a salesman?

You are trying to get your service or article into the hands of your customer, for which you get back some sort of exchange (usually money).  (for a better understanding of exchange – see my earlier post on this here) A salesman insists that people buy.  He really cares about the person and cares enough to get them through the stops and barriers that they have put on themselves and helps them to get the service or article that is going to help them succeed. (This is why your product MUST really be valuable – it really does have to help the person make a change in their business, or make their life better.  If it does not do that – you will not be in business very long)

In order to be able to handle the stops that the person has, you must be able to relate to that person, you must identify with them.  This is not some airy-fairy “Gee, I feel your pain man” and then you slam some product on  them they will never use.  It has to be real and honest.  If after you really understand where this customer is at, and you realize that your product is NOT what they need – then tell them.  Say “Hey,  what I have is not what your are looking for – it’s not going to help you get where you want to go”.  Be honest, and they will respect you for it.  OK, so you don’t get a sale with them – FINE!.  You gained their trust and they’ll send others your way – as they know you’re a sincere and trustworthy person.  That alone could be worth ten times more sales then the one you would get with them.

Your responsibility does not stop once the sale is done – no way.  You have to follow up and make sure that the person does get you product and becomes a success with your product.  You have to get them to use it, to get their questions answered about it, to get some results with it.  That is ESSENTIAL, as if they never use it – of course it will not work.  If they don’t understand it or use it wrongly – of course it will not work.  In either case, you’re likely to get a refund request.

Now don’t get all upset if you get a refund request.  It’s going to happen – no matter how good your product is or how hard you follow up after the sale – you’ll always have a few.  People get distracted, they don’t really use it, their wife hates them for buying something, etc etc.  You are going to get them, so you need to rapidly and in a very friendly manner give the refund. If you do this right – you’ll again gain the trust of the person who refunded – as they will at least know you’re trustworthy and do what you say.

Now in all honesty, although all these steps do fall under the responsibility of the salesman, you may not be doing them all on your own.  If you have your own business, and you are a one man band, then,  yes you have to do them all.  As you get bigger, take on employees, then some of these things will be delegated or outsourced to others.

OK, lets look at the whole cycle one last time.

You must have a high quality service or article (eBook, info product, course, etc) to sell.

You must know with certainty that your service or article IS valuable and will help others – it will handle the problem that they have.  If used and used properly – it does work – no question.

You must then identify your prospects and see that your product and their problem are a match – your product will help them.

You must then insist through your sales letter or direct communication that they get your product.  Guide them into purchasing it (there is a lot of data on how to do this – but that will have to be the subject of another post).

Once they have your product, you must ensure that they use it and are successful with it.  You do this through your followup.

You also must set up a refund system.  You’ll always have a few, so make this smooth and honest and you’ll gain their respect and even possibly a future sell – as you’ve shown you are honest and reliable.

There you have it.  You may think that’s a lot.  In reality it’s just being a person who really cares about his customers and who helps them get the service or article that is going to make a real change in their life or business.  And then because you care, you follow up and make sure that they use your service or article and ARE successful.  It’s really not so hard.  And if you really follow this through, and really care about your customer, you will have gained a customer for life.  They will gladly open all your emails, will buy all your future products,  will tell others about your service or product – and you’ll have an ever expanding list of customers and be the roaring success you always dreamed of.

Believe me, it is worth the effort to do this right – so go out there and be a great salesman.

Have a great day,



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A Little Winter Poem

Standing on top                       
The mountain below
I feel it beckon
A world of snow
It stretches below me
It pulls at my heart
I can’t live without it
Yet we’re worlds apart
Its unending beauty
A place so serene
I want to flow to it
Yet it is a dream
A dream that I live in
A dream – yet it’s real
It’s part of my makeup
It’s something I feel
The calm of the wild
The expanse of just space
The pleasure of feeling
Cold wind in my face
The knowing I own it
This wide untouched land
And then not to have it
I know I can’t stand
And so I go back to
This place of my dreams
If only in pictures
I am there – so it seems

Have a Merry Christmas and a Great and Prosperous New Year.





Effective Online Communication to Make Extra Money!

Hello Blog Reader,

If you want some simple ways to make money online, then you need to take this
data and apply it.  This is a vital part of any marketing strategy – so don’t disregard it.
This article may be short and sweet – but that does not mean it is not important!

I’m going to take up a subject that is an essential part of almost every aspect of your life.

It’s the subject of communication.  There are many different aspects to this one broad
subject, but I’m only going to cover one – the subject of interest.  Actually I am going
to break that down into two parts – interesting and interested.

There is more here than meets the eye and I see far too many people getting this wrong
in their marketing and follow up strategy – and then they wonder why their marketing
doesn’t work.

Well, let’s break this down and see what’s happening here.  In a communication the
purpose of someone being interesting is to attract attention.  You send out a communication
particle – a spoken word, an email, a flyer, a video – whatever  – and you want this particle
to attract attention – right?  You want people to see this and respond to it in some manner.
That is the purpose of being interesting.

This is very important. The more attention that you can attract, the higher chance you have
for converting that attention into what you want – usually money or a sign up or whatever
you are trying to get from your promotion.

Now this is where I see too many people make a mistake.  Once they have a prospects
attention – they continue to be interesting.  This is wrong!!  To continue to sing and dance,
be cute or whatever once you have the prospects attention is NOT going to move them
forward into buying or signing up.  Once you have their attention – you need to get interested
very interested in them.

Find out what they are trying to solve.
Find out how you can help them.
Call them on the phone and ask them what they are into.

Get interested in them for real.

Once you’ve gotten into communication with them and you know what that person needs
and wants, then you can move into your next step.  This is to show them how your product
or service or membership will solve their problems and they will buy or sign up.  If you
then do your proper follow up and make sure that your product or service or membership
does what you said it would do – you’ll have a customer for life.  They will swear by you and
be your best promotion piece.

For sure be interesting and grab all the attention that you can – but once you have their
attention – get interestedreally interested –  and you will have a friend and customer

Look over your marketing and follow up and make sure that it aligns with the above data.
Fix it if needed, and watch your sales, customer satisfaction and business soar.

To your success,



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Your Best Investment for Future Success!!

What is today’s best investment for future success?  You know that many people want some simple ways to make money and they understand that it takes money to make extra money.   Well, I must say  that with the present economic environment, you need to invest wisely in order to get any return – so where does this lead us?

What… should you invest in real estate?  Well maybe – if you had the capital you could pick up a few houses for real cheap.  However taking advantage of some one else’s hard times is not my idea of how to get ahead.

How about stocks…bonds?  Well, I guess the question on that one is – how do you like roller coasters?   Things are a bit shaky in that arena.

A 401K? Well, not what I would call a secure investment anymore.

Well, what could this be?

I can tell you this investment has a fantastic short term ROI.  It has an even better, unbelievable long term customer retention value – probably the best there is.

It’s something you are intimately connected with on a daily basis, and it forwards your progress towards your goals – or it’s an incredibly efficient block in your road.

“Come on… what is this?” you say

It’s something that we oft-times neglect, we daily reflect, and usually show little respect.  Today’s best investment is YOU!!

“Oh, come on”, you say, “we already know that .  Thanks a lot – see you later”…

Whoa… hang on a minute!  It is probably true you already know this, or at least you know it in theory, but how much time did you spend improving yourself yesterday?  By that I mean, time where you consciously, actively and with purpose did something to improve yourself?   If you’re like me, you thought about it, maybe even started on something – but then other things come in, you got distracted…  deadlines, the kids, the latest video on youtube, whatever – and you spent  very little, if any time, on your own personal development.

I’m here to tell you that getting yourself in tip-top shape could add MILLIONS to your pocket, years to your life and a deep well of personal satisfaction to your heart.  It doesn’t really matter what form of personal development you take – you just have to set up some time and do it.   It could be improving your physical condition with exercise or nutrition, it could be improving your understanding of your fellow man through reading or study, it could be improving your skill set in building your business or in handling others in a business situation.  Whatever it is, if you set up a time and purposely improve yourself – it will pay off in dividends that you can not even imagine.

With YOU bright-eyed and fit, attacking life with a positive attitude, helping your fellow man with understanding and a clean heart – YOU CAN NOT LOSE!!! You’ll be able to have your attention and drive facing outward to others, not inward on your own problems, aches and pains, or lack of confidence.  Your own house will be in order.  You’ll leave ripples of positive effects wherever you go, people will come to count on you, and your cheerful, helpful, positive attitude will pay off big time – short term and long term.

So, what’s today’s best investment?  It’s YOU!!  Go out each day and positively, actively – with benefit aforethought – invest in yourself and you’ll attain influence and riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Have a fantastic day,

Mark Hamilton


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A Little Poetry To Lighten Your Day

Hello Blog Readers,

I am a guy who works from home.  That gives me lots of freedom – such as this.  This past winter I went to Europe for 2 weeks with my brother,sister and other friends.  We skied in several resorts in Italy and Austria, and had a GREAT time.  I took a lot of pictures (some of which I have included here).  I also wrote a fun poem about skiing – and that is what this post is about.  Just some fun.

If you’re a skier, and especially if you like deep powder like my brother and I do, you’ll appreciate this little ole poem.  If you are not a skier, well, you can read it any way and have a smile.


The mountain, it was steep.

One Peak in Italy. Awesome mountains there.

The snow was very deep.
Caused involuntary “ahs”
to any one who saw.

To get to the top
was not some little hop.
It took tram, chair and poma
to tackle that big momma.

To start from the summit,
a near vertical plummet,
took the heart of a lion,
and left most people cryin’.

He checks skis, boots and poles,
but really he just knows,
he’s putting off the trauma,
the approaching descent drama.

It’s really exhilarating.

Me warming up in a hutte

His heart is fibrillating.
He sucks up, screams and GOES,
and attacks the chest-deep snow.

It’s man against the mountain.
On his wits he is a countin’,
for to miss one little turn,
means a faceload full of burn.

He turns, he slips, he sails.
It seems he never fails,
to again make it down,
to that quaint little town.

With heart so pure and strong,
it doesn’t take too long.
He’ll never give up the fight
to conquer fields of white.

The day comes to an end.

Me outside a place we stayed in Austria

Misfortunes do portend.
Our hero’s not come in –
Good god, what’s happenin’?

A cry goes through the town.
Our hero has gone down.
The patrolman are a scurryin’.
The crowds they are a worryin’.

My gosh, my goodness, oh my
catch a glimpse as he goes by.
Our hero’s on a gurney.
Why’s he on this journey?

Is he hurt – did he crash?
His head a tree did bash?
Please say it isn’t so
Come on, we gotta know.

Speculation runs a flutter.
The crowds they stand and mutter,
with faces stained by tear,
they say “Please help us here”.

The data is a mess.

Some terrain in Austria. Great stuff!!

His friends they won’t confess.
So people stand and stare
at their seeming lack of care.

On his buds there is no frown –
just big smiles all around.
They don’t understand the cries –
he merely thrashed his thighs.


There you have it.  This is why I keep working out more ways to improve my marketing strategy and make extra money – so that I can keep going off and having such fun out in the wild world.  Have a great day and remember to have some fun in life.

Have a great day,



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How I Was “Schooled” in Marketing Strategy by Fish.

Hello Blog Readers,

Never thought fish would teach me more about marketing strategy and simple ways to make money, but they did.  Thought I’d bring you a little adventure that I had where I learned some things I wasn’t expecting.  Here you go:

Every year the first weekend in June in a small town in Northern Nevada, they have a Kids Fishing Derby.  Thousands of kids from toddlers to 12 years of age descend on a small park in this town to catch fish from a stream that flows through the park.  The stream is dammed up and stocked with thousands of fish from very small to over 7 pounds.  Several hundred of the fish are tagged with a small white tag on their dorsal fin as they are “prize fish” and prizes are awarded for catching them.

The kids fish in one of four sessions (one and one-half hours each) on Saturday or one of three sessions on Sunday.  Kids, toddler to 5 years of age, can have 1 parent with them, and kids 6 – 12 have to fish on their own – with the help of volunteers who line the stream.  Volunteers put on bait, untangle lines, net fish, and are just all around helpers for the kids.

Prizes are awarded for the biggest fish in each session, for any tagged fish caught, and for the biggest fish caught in the derby.  Each kid is allowed to catch two fish, which they must take with them.  They take them and have then weighed, cleaned and then take them home to eat.  There are lots of events, displays, food, raffles, etc that go on as well and in the 22 years that it has been going on, there has been nothing but a good time had by all.

I have been volunteering as ‘river help’ for this derby for the last couple of years and it’s a great thing.  Seeing many of these kids catch a fish for the first time is a pure pleasure, as they demonstrate a variety of emotions – from fear to utter joy – and everything in between.

This year I not only had a great time doing this, but had some marketing basics hammered into me by those wily fish.  Who knew they were so smart??

That’s the setup.  Here’s the story.

Downstream from the Bridge

I took my place on the stream early Sunday morning, setting up for the first Sunday fishing session.  At the time I was the only volunteer on my section of the stream.  My section had a dam at one end and a bridge at the other and was maybe 150 feet long.  Anyway, the kids came in, I baited their hooks, helped them cast and we started fishing.  We caught NOTHING for over ½ of the first session.  Kids were getting grumpy, complaining, leaving my section to go to other sections (as they were catching fish in other sections).  This was pathetic.  I tried different bait, different techniques – caught nothing!

I walked my section of the stream and didn’t see any fish, which was weird as you could usually see fish in the stream.  I thought “Where are the fish?”  I walked back to the bridge at the downstream end of my section and looked under it, and thought “I’ll bet they’re under there in the shade”.  At about that time my brother came by (he works on the fishing derby too) and said “Yeah, the fish are under the bridge – you can see their tails on this far side”

Happy Kid

One Happy Customer!

I grabbed a kid and took his pole and tried to cast under the bridge, but I couldn’t do it as the water was almost touching the bridge.  I then moved his sinker so that there was about 3 feet of leader to the bait and cast in again.  I gave the kid the pole, the leader drifted under the bridge and WHAM – he had a strike.  Didn’t hook the fish, but we had our first action in almost 1 hour.  I cast again but saw that I couldn’t get the bait very far under the bridge due to the sinker taking it down – so I had an idea.  I took the sinker off completely and cast so that the bait just drifted under the bridge, gave the kid the pole, turned around and the kid started screaming.  He had a fish on!!

At this time I only had about 4 kids in my section (as the others had left) so I pulled them all down to the bridge and took off the sinkers, baited them up and helped them cast. All of them started catching fish.  I’d  found the fish!!  I’d figured out how to get an offer in front of them – and the fish were going for it.

Anyway, through the end of that session and the next one, I tested different baits and found the one that worked best, every time – FAST!!  (It was a pink powerbait ball on top with a piece of worm on the bottom)  My section went from leaving and complaining kids with no fish being caught, being run by myself – to kids 6 and 7 deep lined up waiting to have their hook baited and cast in, with 2 additional volunteers to take the hooks out of and bag the fish.  Kids were coming from all over to get into my section asking me to help them fish, cheering parents (no kidding!) were lining the fences outside my section (as they fence off the fishing sections and only allow kids and volunteers in).  It became quite a spectacle.  It went from a dead boring complaint filled scene to pandemonium. We’d have 2 or 3 kids at a time with fish on the line, trying to get them out of the water, kids wanting to be baited up, lines tangled up etc.  It was a random, productive scene – and it was a blast!!!

The Marketing Lessons

So what marketing strategy lessons did we learn here?  Here are a few that I can immediately see:

You must know what your product is (my product here was kids who rapidly catch two fish each
and happily go on their way)

You have to figure out how to deliver your product.

If you don’t deliver the product fast and efficiently, you are going to lose customers and have
nothing but headaches and complaints.

You must break down the steps needed to get your named product:
Where were the fish?  You have to find where they are!
How do you catch them?
What casting method works the best?
What bait works the best?

You must test your presentations (bait and casting method here – ads, sales page etc on the

When you find the one that works the best, then USE it – fast and hard.

Don’t let the customers wait, but beef up in personnel or automation as needed so they
are never put on wait.

Happy customers will tell others and people will start appearing out of no-where to get your
help or product.

When things are rolling, everybody is happy and a great time is had by all – including you.

There you have it.  There are probably more things you could take away from this in terms of marketing strategy learned and simple ways t make money, but I think you get the point here. It certainly was great to volunteer for such a wonderful community affair, help out a lot of great kids, have a great time AND learn some valuable lessons too.  Wins all around.

Have a great day,




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The Correct Attitude for Internet Marketing Strategy.

Hello Blog Readers,

A couple of inspirational poems for you today.  I like poetry, and these two from anonymous
authors are really applicable to life, internet marketing strategy and anything that you do.
Read them, take them to heart and operate with them in your life – and you’ll NEVER fail.

Don’t Quit
When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.
When care is pressing you down a bit –
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow –
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor’s cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out—
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.



A State of Mind

(The Man Who Thinks He Can)

If you think you are beaten, your are
If you think you dare not, you won’t,
If you like to win, but don’t think you can
It’s almost a cinch you won’t

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
For out in the world you’ll find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will
It’s all in a state of mind

For many a game is lost
Ere even a play is run,
And many a coward fails
Ere even his work is begun

Think big and your deeds will grow
Think small and you’ll fall behind
Think that you can and you will
It’s all a state of mind

If you think you are out-classed, your are
You’ve got to think high to rise
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize

Life battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the fellow who thinks he can


There you go.  Put these datums to use and you will really make some extra money.
Have a great day.



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Due Diligence and Survival in Today’s Internet Marketing World

Hello Blog Readers

I guess I need to answer that question that I asked in the last post on my blog.  The question was ”what about this ‘due diligence’ and how do you apply it to things?”

Well, let’s take a look at this and sort it out.  You certainly have to have some understanding of this with the current internet atmosphere.  I mean with all the “Make $60,000 in the next 3 days – while doing nothing” (actual advertising headline I’ve seen) or “Make $50K in just 10 weeks – No Referrals required” (another actual headline) crap going on – you have to look hard to find the actual legitimate opportunities out there.

I hate to break the bad news to you, but in case you haven’t figured this out yet – those opportunities above are just not real.  Come on, if they were, then everyone would succeed on the internet,  (yet 97% fail).  Everyone would be rich and we’d all be crowding the beaches in Tahiti drinking Mai Tai’s, chasing scantily clad woman  and getting sunburned.  I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, that was NOT happening to everyone that I know on the internet.

So,  let’s define this ‘due diligence’ and break it down.

Due – correct definition here is:  as much as is required, enough, adequate.

Diligence – correct definition here is:  proper heed or attention, care.

In other words, you have to look into something with as much attention and care as is required to see if that service or product is really going to do what you want.  And if we are talking about your livelihood, your survival – you’d want to give it LOTs of attention – right? Really scrutinize it.  Ignore all the headlines and hoopla and inflated claims of riches and greatness – and look at the real deal.

So what do you have to look at?  You have to look at:
the history of the company,
the product or service,
the person who made the product or service,
and who the customers are going to be for this product or service.

Check these out.  Do searches on the internet, pay attention to what others are saying, but also take your own look at it.

Has this company been around a while – or is a new start up? (not all new start ups are bad – far from it)
Is what they say realistic?
Is the product or service real?  (in other words, are the claims they make about it realistic)
Is the product or service already produced and people are using it – or is it “being developed?”
How will people use this product or service?  Is it a one-time sale – or will they buy more in the future?
Do people really need this product or service – or are you going to have to create that need and want?
Did whoever developed this product or service have knowledge and skill in this area before?
Have they developed other successful products or services?
Who are the customers going to be?
How many potential customers are there?
How much money do you realistically stand to make?  Look at the pay scale or commission structure
and make sure that you understand it – and that it is realistic.

Now if you have looked into all the above and it all make sense, there is one other thing that you must do before you jump in.  You must be clear within yourself what YOU are looking for, because to succeed, you must have something that you can stay interested in and active with.  Something that you can stand behind and honestly promote – because it does what it says it does.  Otherwise you are going to be making excuses with your customers (or yourself) about the product or service in order to keep promoting it – and that will eat you alive.

Be honest with YOURSELF here – this is vital!! Can you really do this? Can you stand behind this and get others to see the value in this product or service?  If you can, then go forward.  If you can’t, save yourself a lot of time and heartache, and drop it.  Find something else that makes it through all your checks AND that you believe in and can wholeheartedly promote – and go with that.

There you have it.  Your “Due Diligence and Survival in Today’s Internet Marketing World” Checklist.  Apply it well and you’ll have yourself a real opportunity for succeeding on the internet.(next comes the taking of that opportunity that you have found and promoting, marketing etc – but that’s a whole subject in itself – and outside the realms of this post)

I have to tell you that I put Global NPN through all the jumps that I covered above, and it passed with flying colors.  This company provides all the tools and services every internet marketer needs to really succeed on the internet – and it has been doing so since 2005.  It’s something that everyone who uses the internet NEEDS, so there is an almost unlimited customer base that is expanding by the millions every day.  Its commission structure is second to none. Its recently released NPN Director Machine just further expands on its products and services and it realistically puts you on a the Fast-Track to a life-changing online income.  If you have not checked this out, do so now.  I mean with over 125,000 people using the Global NPN services, there must be something there that‘s worthwhile.  You owe it to yourself to check it out and take advantage of it.  Check out Global NPN here.  NPN Director Machine here

In my next post I am going to tell you how a fishing derby that I recently took part in hammered home some very sound and useful internet marketing basics.  Who knew that fish were so smart???

Have a great day,

Mark Hamilton


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